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Censura Emocional

Completely Naked presents Flashing Bodies Action Eight as part of Escrita Na Paisagem festival in Evora, Portugal; from the 19th to the 25th September 2011.

Based on the on-going idea of the Myth in this year's festival, Censura Emotional is a participative event exploring how we create myths, prohibitions, boundaries and censorships regarding our identity both as physical and emotional human beings.

Are myths the fruit of prohibitions? Myths are the unknown, what’s untenable, inaccessible; once you access a myth it stops been one. So, do we impose emotional censorship to ourselves? What are the limits? What’s acceptable and what’s not and why? Are we restricted by physical issues or should we be more afraid of our emotional fragility? Read more here

Flashing Bodies

In this new project, Completely Naked artists Pau Ros and Pablo Goikoetxea and producer Tim Owen Jones bring together a production team and public participants to create themed Tableaux Vivants in the only way Completely Naked knows how! These one-off performances are documented on video and as high quality photographs presented here in online galleries and in a series of collectable booklets.

Our actions can happen as site specific events, at festivals, theatres, or in art galleries and very often explore personal identity within nude group dynamics. We set up the theme and invite the participants and together with our creative team, propose the design, bring the props and costumes and let the ideas run loose... Flashing Bodies is an inspired action created by the people who take part. This unique collaboration between willing participants and the Completely Naked crew of artists make free expression an exciting adventure. The outcome is up to you!


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